Dear ladies/gentleman

On my country’s 18,000-kilometer long coastline, different sea areas from north to south are full of different marine algae, many of which are edible and developable, and the market prospect is very broad.


Nevertheless, the ocean is still foreign to most Chinese people. We have deep feelings for the land, and a new understanding of the ocean is only the beginning, especially the understanding of the ocean as an important source of human food, there is still a big gap with foreign countries. Known as the longest-lived country in the world, Japan faces my country across the sea, but the marine food industry is very developed and has become an important marine pillar industry in Japan. The Japanese have brought their preference for sea food to the world. One of the indispensable raw materials for the production of Japanese sushi is seaweed, a common sea vegetable, which has the unique memory of Japanese food culture and has brought huge economic benefits. At the same time, it has become a major feature of Japanese food culture. my country only began to promote edible kelp nationwide in the 1980s. At that time, received the enthusiastic response of the people, they knew that kelp was a good thing. It is a pity that because it is not easy to make, it is not tasty and gradually indifferent.


Rongcheng is the first kelp producing area in the country to be awarded the title of "origin of kelp", and its output accounts for about 50% of the total kelp production. As a large-scale marine food company in Rongcheng area that has received strong support from the government and enjoys resource advantages, technological advantages and market promotion advantages, since its establishment, it has been committed to exploring a brand road for China's marine food deep processing industry. We dedicate better, more environmentally friendly, and healthier marine food to our compatriots, and share with consumers the concepts and methods of health preservation that the Japanese have practiced for many years.


After two years of pre-market preparation and serious and careful research on the market, we not only mastered the consumption habits and potential market demand of the national market, but also overcome the technical difficulties of deep-sea kelp aquaculture. Its pollution-free and healthier product concept, It is more suitable for the needs of modern people for health, making marine food leap to a new level, and laying the industrial foundation and technical strength for realizing the great development of marine vegetable food.


We believe that as the food industry is booming today, marine food will surely emerge, especially the Haizhibao deep-sea vegetable food represented by health, pollution-free, and functionality, which is widely accepted by consumers with its high value, high yield Price positioning will surely become a new food brand, not only loved by consumers, but also a "third force" challenging the traditional diet structure. It is different from the old foods that have long been troubled by food safety, such as land-based vegetables and meat, poultry and eggs. All in one.


Haizhibao takes this opportunity and is willing to join hands with dealers and friends to build a huge market, not only to win business opportunities, but also to become a pioneer in leading the pace of my country's marine food industry!