corporate vision

Set up the brand of Haibao to build the leading global seaweed processing enterprise

Core Values of Haizhibao Enterprises

Good faith business, treat colleagues, cast brand, enhance value



Honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of being a human being and the foundation of enterprise development." Honesty is the life of an enterprise, the inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise, and the foundation of business development.


Modern market transaction rules must be supported by a certain credit ethics and moral foundation. Cultivate and strengthen the sense of integrity of all employees, so that the theory of integrity is life is instilled in the hearts of employees, and it is deeply rooted and bears fruit.


Integrity in society: establish the theory that products are character. Through the excellent product quality of Haizhibao and the keynote of green, organic, environmentally-friendly, nutritious and healthy food, we have won widespread praise from the society, won market recognition, established product brand image, and improved Haizhibao. Product visibility and market trust.


Integrity to customers: with a responsible attitude to customers, sincere to customers, to provide customers with the best service, with the spirit and quality of Haizhibao, to move customers, establish a good business reputation, rely on customer reputation to develop markets and expand influence.


Integrity to employees: Establish the idea of winning the trust of the people, showing love to employees, respecting employees' labor, acknowledging the value of employees, allowing employees to take responsibility in the development of the company and achieve their goals in life.


In the process of enterprise development, people are the decisive factor. Therefore, we have established a people-oriented management philosophy, treat employees as valuable resources and wealth of the company, exchange love for unity, find ways to solve difficulties in life for them, and do everything possible to help them achieve their career goals, so that employees can be on the big stage of Haizhibao Show yourself.


Vocational education and training, cultural influence. Adhering to the awareness of "ruling the enterprise by virtue", putting the construction of employees' professional ethics at the top of all work, cultivating employees' unified values, formulating targeted education and training programs, and gradually unifying employees' professional skills with the company's management philosophy to unique In the corporate culture, the overall development of business management is promoted with the construction of ideas and theory. Through skill training and outreach training, train a large number of new vocational talents, technical talents and talents with multiple abilities. Through activities such as labor competitions and technical competitions, we cultivate the sentiments of employees and stimulate their enthusiasm for "learning new knowledge and mastering new skills" and passion for job contribution.


Respect the democratic rights of employees and give full play to their role as masters. In the business development of an enterprise, the right to know and participate, the right to review and approve, and the right to appraise and supervise are given to employees, so that employees can understand the company's planning, development and operating conditions, and participate in the management and decision-making of the company. Vigorously carry out rationalization proposal collection activities, listen to the voice of employees, and adjust business strategies in a timely manner. Implement target management assessment, implement the tenure target reward mechanism and employee salary assessment growth mechanism, do not treat employees who are dedicated and work hard, treat employees with skills, and treat employees with multiple skills and expertise. A good atmosphere is formed at the top and bottom of being positive, respecting, loving, and daring to be the first.


Eclectic and talented. The employment mechanism of Haizhibao is "only talents have positions". Adhering to the principle of “extraordinary employment with virtue and talent, cultivation and use with virtue but no talent, restriction of use without virtue, and resolute use without virtue and no talent”, rationally train and use all kinds of talents, and let cadres and employees perform their duties and plan in their positions. In its administration, play their respective potentials and advantages to contribute and provide advice for Haizhibao.



In traditional textual interpretation, value is used to realize. Once the value is realized, it means that the pursuit has reached the culmination. Nowadays, the slogan "brand creates value" is circulating,

That is, building a successful brand can bring corresponding value, which can be deeply understood as: brand = value. However, we believe that in the view of "Haizhibao", the pursuit has no culmination, there is no best but better, only continuous value enhancement.

Enhancing value is the unremitting pursuit of Haizhibao people. Realize two aspects of value enhancement through the joint efforts of the company. One is the enhancement of product brand value. Brand is a symbol of product quality and the image and representative of an enterprise. We must use the moral standards of being human to make Haizhibao products. Followed by

The value of social contribution is increased. Since its establishment, Haizhibao has been committed to producing nutritious food and health care products that are beneficial to human health. It can be described as happy food and is a manifestation of social value. Therefore, to enhance the value,

It shows the realm and perseverance of "Haizhibao" people who are never satisfied and always pursue new goals.